We believe that mothers need to encourage and support each other. It is easy these days to seek support, but online venues can also be dangerously toxic and judgmental environments where mothers get attacked for their parenting choices.

The Motherhood Community strives to be compassionate and understanding, to value each other’s opinions and choices and trust that each mother will choose what is best for her little ones and for her family. We offer support with kind words and only give advice when asked. We know how much kind and encouraging words are needed when you are a mother. Things like telling a mom who is struggling with a screaming child that she will get through this phase or simply lending a hand when you see someone could use one can make a huge difference.

We’d love it if you joined us on this journey to creating a kinder motherhood community. To stay in touch and up to date and to join the topics of conversation, please sign up for Motherhood Mail by clicking  HERE.